Company Name:
Wheeler Clinic
Master's Degree
The Multi-Systemic Therapy: Building Stronger Families Clinician provides model adherent intensive in home clinical treatment to substance abusing parents and their families referred by the Department of Children and Families due to abuse/neglect concerns. The MST: BSF therapist maintains a strengths-based perspective and works collaboratively with the family and with internal and external natural and formal support systems to maintain effective and well coordinated care. This is an exciting, cutting edge, and innovative research-based comprehensive family-based intervention program. We offer exceptional training and supervision.
Master's or Doctoral degree or graduating in May 2014 with a Master's or Doctoral degree in license-eligible field. Prior experience working with DCF-involved families. Family therapy training and knowledge/experience with substance use treatment are preferred.
Wheeler Clinic fosters positive change in the lives of individuals and families, as well as in communities. We provide cutting-edge human services that address a diverse range of needs and backgrounds, enhance strengths and provide the supports that encourage recovery from challenges for a satisfying life in the community.

Provides coordination for referrals as well as establishes and maintains referral agreements and linkages with community referral sources or ancillary service provider.
Conducts program specific screening and evaluation, and formulates diagnosis in accordance with the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM).
Develops and documents, clear clinical formulations and treatment plans that are individualized and measurable, developed in collaboration with the client/family and others as relevant.
Provides family and/or individual counseling to clients and their families with appropriate supervision and coordinates treatment phases both internally and with contracted or external service providers.
Provides direct case management/therapeutic services and develops case management/therapeutic plans specific to each assigned client and family, including interventions necessary to increase the probability of treatment completion, and to improve life functioning.
Triages clinical emergencies and implements program specific safety and consultation protocols. Utilizes best practices and evidenced based practice models where appropriate and adheres to model and program expectations. Provides/supports safety planning and crisis intervention with appropriate supervision and as defined by program. This may include after hours on-call responsibilities.
Communicates in a positive, effective manner with client, family, and all internal and external providers.
Provides service in the office and/or community settings outside of the office (e.g., homes, schools, hospitals, institutions, other community locations) as defined by the program. May transport clients to appointments or linkages as appropriate.
Meets direct service productivity goals as defined by program. Demonstrates knowledge of program/department/agency goals and target outcomes, and adheres to practice standards and to data collection and reporting protocols.
Administers standardized screening tools and collects data as defined by program.
Documents all client related information in compliance with agency policy. Maintains records of therapeutic/case management activities for reporting and tracking purposes and completes all documentation for client medical records in accordance with documentation timelines and in compliance with Medicaid and licensing.
Attends and is prepared for scheduled supervision. Seeks additional supervision or consultation as needed and follows through with supervisory directives.

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